The Harmonious Humaning Podcast

Miracle Mindset with Karson McGinley

July 19, 2019

Description: At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy. But finding happiness and fulfillment in life isn’t easy; it takes commitment and discipline to learn about ourselves and to trust our inner guidance system. Karson McGinley has dedicated her work to linking yoga and positive psychology, the science of human flourishing and happiness. Her life’s calling is to “shine the light of awareness on our natural inborn happiness by bringing together the teachings of positive psychology and yoga, both on and off the mat.” Karson is a yoga teacher, writer for Chopra Center, teacher trainer, and Director of Happiness Studies at Happy-U. Karson shares her story and how she makes the conscious choice of having a miracle mindset. 

We also discuss:

  • Helpful tips on confidence and public speaking
  • The importance of getting clear about how you want to feel and reading your emotions
  • Having faith when things get challenging 
  • Karson’s new online conscious yoga community, Happiness and Bliss Kula: on demand yoga, meditations, book study, and a Facebook group

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