The Harmonious Humaning Podcast

8. Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship with Mitch McGinley

June 28, 2019

Description: Mitch McGinley is a father, husband, MINDBODY Certified Business Consultant and CA Licensed Business Broker. He specializes in helping studio and gym owners sell. He found this joy after successfully selling his own studio, Happy-U Yoga, and realizing how many owners and consulting clients need help in this arena. After 20 years in hospitality, operations, finance and commercial real estate, Mitch is thrilled to be helping entrepreneurs earn their biggest payday and a well deserved break. Mitch has a Master’s Degree in Business, and is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. He lives in a tiny house with his family in beautiful Temecula, CA. 

We also discuss:

  • Mitch’s journey-from his early years to starting a business in southern California
  • The need for family/community support
  • GREAT advice for business owners in the wellness industry

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