The Harmonious Humaning Podcast

5. Say YES: Riding the Wave with Momma and Mogul Kiana Parks

May 12, 2019

Description: Kiana Parks is the epitome of the modern power woman. She is the mother of two young children and CEO of two companies. She is bright, ambitious, and open to face any problem or challenge with a yes! It’s hard not to be inspired by this woman and her outlook on life. We are so proud to honor and highlight Kiana on the Harmonious Humaning Podcast this Mother’s Day! She shares with us how she has solved problems with purpose and how she balances motherhood and her businesses, Mother Bear App and Surf Wave Tech.

We also discuss:

  • The power of saying yes
  • The female perspective in the male dominated industry of tech
  • AMAZING resume tips
  • Taking a day out of your busy schedule just for you

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  • Instagram: @stfukiana @motherbear_app @surfwave_tech