The Harmonious Humaning Podcast

4. Conscious Community: Food Art + Food Justice with Irene Castruita

May 7, 2019

Description: Irene Castruita is truly an inspiration! She is passionate about nurturing her community whether it be through providing healthy meals, creating community gardens or leading workshops. She believes that it's important to nurture your body, mind and soul via healthy, conscious food and positive interactions. Food, art and community have always been a central part of her life and her work, through childhood and in her experiences as a political organizer, community organizer, and musician. Her grassroots business, Irene’s Kitchen, was born out of this love for food, art, and nurturing her community. Irene shares with us how she has created a life full of art, purpose, and magic!

We also discuss:

  • How motherhood inspired her to pour herself into this work of food art and food justice
  • Practices that have supported her during the ups and downs of her journey
  • The book that she is writing on her colorful recipes and the stories behind them

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